Project: Kollekt

Kollekt - Secondhand portal

MVP Implementation. By providing access to second-hand clothing, Kollekt offers simple ways for users to locally trade used clothes and thus to save resources.


With the aim of supporting access to second-hand clothing, Kollekt offers an easy possibility to reach other people with special focus on local trade to save valuable resources by extending wearing time. Over multiple iterations I implemented a minimum viable Duration product (frontend & backend) and took part in thoughtful discussions regarding usability and screen design while keeping technical possibilities in mind.



> Frontend
Nuxt PWA
Tailwind CSS
Firebase SDK
  Various utility libraries
> Backend
> DevOps
Apache (Certbot)


Chat implementation based on own designs. That was the first time for me to design and implement an User to user chat. User's are thereby able to contact other users for one specific article. Upon first contact, the contacted user should receive a mail, containing a link pointing to the discussion. To avoid the setup of a mail-server, the third party provider Sendgrid was used.


The Federal Environment Agency estimates that we buy around 26 kilograms of clothing per capita and year in Germany, and eight kilograms worldwide. By person, in households, the amount of clothing consumed is reduced with an increasing number of people living in the same household.

As the popularity of secondhand-clothing rises the industry can be limited in constantly creating new styles which explicitly are produced as fast-fashion. Kollekt thereby encourages users to trade clothing locally by taking article location into account.

By taking part in the design process myself and improving my own work over multiple iterations I had lot’s of fun during this project.