Project: Portfolio

This website - Portfolio Docs

Documenting the process creating this portfolio website, from ideation to mockups to implementation.

  1. Design
Example picture


Spending hours in front of a screen led to the exploration of alternative appearances for a 2D surface. Inspired by the screen's boundaries I abbreviated a three-dimensional cube.

  • Nuxt.Js frontend
  • Nuxt Content "backend"
  • Tailwind CSS styling
Example picture

Anthony Lam - Brutalist Hong Kong

Example picture

Anthony Lam - Brutalist Hong Kong 2, LIPPO CENTRE

As a cube itself can have a volume and depth I thought of a cube on paper having vanishing points. This was also inspired by pictures of brutalist architecture by Anthony Lam.



As I basicly just want to show a little of my thinking process, the following emerged from numerous iterations of pencil sketches.

Example picture Example picture


I chose the serif-less font-family IBM Plex due to it’s minimal, clean and friendly look. The style of the monospaced font can thereby be well combined with the sans-design and is derived from code snippets and commandline promts.

Example picture

And the typewriter of course

...because I recently fixed a "Hermes baby"
typewriter animation