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Documenting the process creating this portfolio website, from ideation to mockups to implementation.

Sitting in front of a screen multiple hours a day lets me wonder what alternative look a 2-dimensional surface, projecting pixels, can have. Nearly everything, at least that I create, fits inside the borders of a screen. Literally being framed, the idea for this concept came to my mind and by experimenting with geometry and only providing the most necessary objects I framed the idea.


From the idea of a computer screen I abbreviated a three-dimensional cube. As a cube itself can have a volume, space and depth I thought of fitting my personal website “inside” of one. When creating mockups I reduced it’s shape even further.


To underline the minimal look and to create hard edges like those of a geometrical cube, I combined it’s structure with ideas from Brutalist architecture.


I chose the serif-less font-family IBM Plex due to it’s minimal, clean and friendly look. The style of the monospaced font can thereby be well combined with the sans-design and is derived from code snippets and commandline promts.

typewriter animation


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Tailwind CSS
  Various utility libraries