Project: Foodprint

Foodprint - A concept to make carbon footprinting approachable

Prototype. A concept app informing consumers about the carbon foodprint of products, including production, distribution or packaging, by simply scanning product barcodes.


Being virtually obvious, my personal motivation is right in front of our doorstep. Still, humankind shows a big cognitive dissonance when it comes to knowledge and the necessary deed it takes to change something. The will to act sustainably mostly exists, but the hurdles to obtain detailed information about consumer choices are often too complicated. Daily actions like shopping are among the most obvious we [can] change.

When shopping groceries we often do this without knowing came from, how long their journey has been and how much of an environmental impact they have. In a university course I had the chance to pursue the concept idea of Foodprint which allows scanning an item’s barcode and breaking down, in comparison with other products, what carbon footprint it caused.


Following seminars on ideation, concept and UI Design we developed a prototype. Starting with evaluations made in a design studio process we used several techniques along the process, accompanied by constant evaluation and a positive feedback strategy;

Problem definition
User stories, Use cases

Gathering Ideas
Drafts, Wireframes

Finding design alternatives
Wireframing with Crazy-8, drafts with 'positive feedback only' iterations

High detail Mock-ups, Prototyping with Axure


As 33% of the ecological footprint comes from our food with production, Foodprint reduces a product’s environmental factors to the production, distribution and packaging.

Should give a comparison between different ways of transportation, e.g. train, truck or plane.

Is this product produced organically or carbon neutral, with a co2 compensation?

Recycling/upcycling capability or even reusability of this products packaging.

Combined with additional drivers such as type of packaging or the seasonality, Foodprint ranks your item with other products showing a comparison across the product’s category.

While being rather old, this topic is still very important and I would love to further pursue this project in a larger team, with more design strategies in mind.

Contact me if you want to talk about this topic.