Project: Foodprint

Foodprint - A concept to make carbon footprinting approachable

Here to demonstrate my purpose of doing something meaningful. Early Uni project. Concept app informing consumers about product carbon footprint.

Axure Prototype


Despite the clear need for sustainable action, the complexity of obtaining detailed consumer information is a barrier. Daily activities like shopping can be changed. The Foodprint concept, developed during a university course, allows users to scan a product's barcode to understand its carbon footprint compared to other products.

  • Axure prototyping
  • Crazy 8 ideation
  • User story based problem definition
Axure Prototype

Transport. Should give a comparison between different ways of transportation, e.g. train, truck or plane.

Production. Is this product produced organically or carbon neutral, with a co2 compensation?

Packaging. Recycling/upcycling capability or even reusability of this products packaging.


After attending seminars on ideation, concept, and UI Design, we created a prototype. This was achieved through a design studio process involving various techniques, continuous evaluation, and a positive feedback strategy.

Problem definition
User stories, Use cases

Gathering Ideas
Drafts, Wireframes

Finding design alternatives
Wireframing with Crazy-8, drafts with 'positive feedback only' iterations

High detail Mock-ups, Prototyping with Axure


33% of the ecological footprint comes from our food. Foodprint highlights the main environmental factors.

Combined with additional drivers such as type of packaging or the seasonality, Foodprint ranks your item with other products showing a comparison across the product’s category.

While being rather old, this topic is still very important and I would love to further pursue this project in a larger team, with more design strategies in mind - Although various apps tried to adapt a similar concept meanwhile :)